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Taking control

I know I have gone on about this quite a lot, but I truly believe that in this last year since sept 2018 I have made the biggest steps in my life to discover what I want and how I will get there. Everyday has and is teaching me about myself. I have become a [...]

Taking control2019-06-28T08:28:31+01:00

Why are you doing handstands? And more importantly why you should be doing them!

First of all I want to start with the NO 1 reason why people aren’t doing handstands! This is because they are embarrassed to fail. By this I mean they are embarrassed of what others might think of them when things don’t go right first time or even in the case of handstands for the [...]

Why are you doing handstands? And more importantly why you should be doing them!2019-06-17T16:08:08+01:00

Life is all about balance

I am so lucky to have chosen to live a life that I absolutely love. I find I work incredibly hard (especially in the gym) and then create the rest of my life exactly how I want it to be. I mean, as everyone experiences, I have days where I don’t feel so inspired and [...]

Life is all about balance2019-05-13T09:20:19+01:00

Staying on track

It’s so easy for us to get lost in everyday life and forget to what’s truly important to us. For me I have a big dream, a vision and a slight change of environment, can completely throw me off track. I am constantly learning what works for me and what leads me to fall off [...]

Staying on track2019-04-08T09:13:09+01:00


Over a week since I’ve been back in the UK. Its great to be back and to see all my lovely friends, clients and family. It’s not so nice to be back to the freezing cold weather. I am now realizing how much this cold weather affects me. I honestly can’t wait until the warmth [...]



Committed people make things happen- they don’t say they are 100% committed and then fail to take action. They don;t make excuses, instead they create solutions and see opportunity. The most common excuse with commitment is money. If you really say you are 100% committed, I can tell you now, money will not be an [...]


6 week count down: Fitness model comp

I now have just over 6 weeks until I compete in my 2nd fitness model comp, it doesn’t seem real that I can live this absolutely incredible life, travelling round the world, staying in beautiful locations, being able to work, pursuing my passion and of course be able to prepare myself for a fitness model [...]

6 week count down: Fitness model comp2019-03-15T08:21:42+00:00


I have mentioned routine in several blog posts now, that’s honestly because I believe its so beneficial to have one. I find especially in the morning. It helps me have the best and most productive day. I wont go into too much detail on my routine in this post, however I find that when I [...]


Fitness Model Prep

Prep Round 2 The last couple of months living in Thailand have been incredible. I am now back in Bali and really looking forwards to another brilliant month, in the warmth by the sea.  I have a lot of work to do, but it honesty doesn’t feel like work when you love what you do [...]

Fitness Model Prep2019-03-02T12:16:13+00:00